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Beginning - Advanced Meditation

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If you’ve come to this video it may be because you’ve been struggling, you’re hurt. You’ve been meditating for a long time and you’ve been practicing and you want to go further.

So this isn’t a long instructional post, it’s just to share with you what advanced meditation really is. There’s many many different levels that you go through when you start practicing meditation, but let’s just put it down to three. Even though it’s not actually three, just to make it short and sweet. Like I am.

This is my experience. I began to practice meditation and I didn’t have a teacher. No one taught me how to do it. I just knew that when I went into the silence I felt better. So, I did my best to do breathing exercises, to quiet my mind.

I read a few books on it and I traveled the world to look for certain teachers. I didn’t find any that could teach me meditation, that spoke English, but it was still good. My life was becoming better and better and I was practicing meditation. Then I wanted to go a little deeper and I was actually very much in love with God or Eternity and I kept searching.

I thought meditation would help me find that source, that eternal peace. I was very very blessed to finally meet a teacher who could transmit light to me.

Nearly immediately after meeting this wonderful being of light, who could actually transmit light, I excelled rapidly. A self-realized enlightened woman.

I was blessed enough that she began to teach me and transmitting that light and I started meditating in a different way. I still wasn’t going very very deep but my thoughts were stopping I was beginning to be meditated. A little bit through her help, I started having experiences.  I began to have real experiences of love. I started feeling my sushumna.

I started feeling my heart chakra activate so much and my third eye going in and out. Flashes of light. It was just extraordinary and I couldn’t wait to get home at the end of the day to practice meditation. Then after a few years, this great wonder happened and I actually went into advanced meditation!

Before then, I was just practicing meditation but advanced meditation is when eternity begins to meditate you. You go through that stargate, the same thing you experience when they die. You start being drawn into this tunnel of light. The noise, the sound. I can’t even tell you the experiences, because they are my own but it’s beyond this world.

In advanced meditation you begin to have these experiences until eventually you have a flash of light and you are no more. Eternity herself has begun to meditate you. You have become her and when you have these meditations, there’s less and less of you. You go deeper and deeper.

There’s no end to it because while you are still having a human experience, you can become more and more a body of light. I practiced meditation for 25 years before I met a teacher who could transmit light. After that happened, things changed so rapidly. You heard me say a few years, but what is a few years when you’re experiencing the light every day during those few years.

I never ever knew that it could happen to me, that I would explode into that light and not have an experience of it but just be it. It wasn’t even the bottom of my list that I would achieve this, I was just in love with light, with God, with Eternity.

Whatever you choose to call it and I just wanted to meet someone who knew God, who had that Enlightenment and I was so blessed. I thought that was good enough for my life but I had no idea that I would continue. and attain Enlightenment myself.

The gratitude and the love you feel for that being who has transmitted light so that you too can awaken and be free. So advanced meditation is so much more than these words are expressing.

If you would like to know a little bit more about advanced meditation and to not be frustrated and not be so sick and tired or angry with yourself. I don’t want you to give up on your spiritual practice so I highly recommend you find yourself a teacher who can transmit light to you.

You can have a look at my website or find someone on this planet who can help you, because if you have been practicing meditation, and I think you have otherwise you wouldn’t have come to this site.

If you want to go further don’t be frustrated anymore God is within you, the veil can be lifted, you can change until you become no one. You become that Eternal Body of Light.

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