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Part One in this volume “Become A Magnet To Money” holds many Universal Truths.  You will learn how the Law of Attraction works for some and why it doesn’t work for others. To properly understand how you can magnetize yourself to money you must understand that the universe operates in an exact way which many people refer to as natural law. I prefer to refer to these laws as Universal Laws. You are not reading this information by accident you are ready to learn and accept these great Universal Laws.

Part Two in this volume “The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness” goes into more depth into why we experience certain doubts through the different levels of consciousness. What has this to do with wealth and success? Well everything. Why we get stuck at some stages of our development is discussed in Part Two. So if you have been on the path and feel that your spiritual studies are no longer working, then Part 2 of magical volume may illuminate you, which is the intention. That is why there are Two Parts in one volume. It is recommended that you read Part One “Become A Magnet To Money” first and then read Part Two “The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness” second.

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About The Authors

Bob Proctor

Many of you reading this material may have seen Bob Proctor for the first time in the now world renowned film The Secretand the film Beyond The Secret.

Both films are a great introduction to metaphysics, the laws that govern this universe and the films serve as a true reminder the importance of consciousness.

Bob’s best selling book You Were Born Rich and his audio programs and live events have changed the lives of millions of souls all over the world.

Bob is a true mentor to so many great authors and teachers of our time, he has helped people from all over the world to wake up and lead a life of prosperity.

Michele Blood


Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. In addition to creating Magnet To Success™ products and seminars worldwide.

Her latest books “Become a Magnet to Money Through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness” and “The Magic of Affirmation Power” are perfect for creating prosperity and living a happy and fulfilled life.

Her public Mystical Success Events have been held in over 16 countries.

Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala Lumpur. Michele has co-written and created over 80 books, audio programs, TV shows, videos on positive thought, mind transformation, meditation, and more.

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Why Doesn't The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work For Some People...

There are many books out there that attempt to explain The Law Of Attraction, but fail to truly explain how it works and why it fails for so many people.

Why doesn’t the law of attraction work for you? Your soul is like a beautiful clear diamond that need to stay crystal clear in order to manifest. Watch video for more…

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"The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness"
(How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Their Mind To Create Prosperity… No Matter
If You Failed Before or not)
  • Law of Vibration – There is a law of vibration in the universe. Everything vibrates. The vibration you are in controls your actions and it also controls what you are attracting into your life, what you are magnetized to.
  • Prosperity Consciousness – Breakthroughs are made from violating logic! I want you to violate your logic. If you want to develop prosperity consciousness you must renew you mind. You must do what many consider to be totally illogical. That takes something special, and you have that something special or you wouldn’t have been attracted to this book.
  • Nothing Makes Up For This – There is a quality that cannot be replaced by any other. Superior skills will not make up for it. A well rounded, formal education cannot make up to replace it. Nor will calculated plans nor a magnetic personality.

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  1. This is my way of giving back after having a successful life. I want you to experience success!
  2. Sometimes we all need a boost to get us to the next step.
  3. I don’t like when people try really hard to understand the law of attraction but are mislead by others that don’t truly understand and live it.
  4. I wanted to share the wealth of knowledge I have gathered in order to spread positive energy.  This is my
    chance to help!
    Now is the time for you to get your copy…

Professional Testimonials

"Michele Blood is truly a special person. For over three decades, I have made serious study of the mind and how to live a full and balanced life. I have taught tens of thousands of people around the world how to properly utilize their God-given potential, and then along came Michele Blood. She had a very positive impact on my life, for which I am truly grateful! She made me aware of unique methods for realizing more power by effectively combining affirmations and music. Invest in her entire library and let this petite powerhouse show you a fast and effective way to enjoy more of life’s rich rewards. I enthusiastically introduce Michele Blood and her wonderful work to every audience. Order her material today! Share Michele and MusiVation™ discovery with your world; they will thank you with sincere gratitude."

"My experience with Michele's material is that it works almost instantly. You will notice an immediate change in the way that you think and feel. You will notice an immediate change in the way you act, and react, and respond. It activates your reticular cortex. You begin to see possibilities that you hadn't seen before, and you may even see results within twenty-four hours. Many people do. Well, what she's done is she's been able to infuse the most important messages of success together with music. She's been able to infuse them with music so that they actively go in and affect the subconscious mind and bring about permanent behavior change. And that's the critical thing in success and achievement."

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Manifest More Prosperity
& Joy In Your Life

We all aim to be in harmony, happy and successful in our careers, finances, relationships and to then be a positive ripple of light for our world. Enlightenment is the natural evolution for all sentient beings and that means YOU too. Begin your journey with meditation towards Manifesting a prosperous life.

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