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6 Steps To Achieving Your Goals And Creating A Big Vision

6 Steps To Achieving Your Goals and Creating A Big Vision

We have a powerful message for you this week on Goal setting that when used will powerfully help you realize your dreams. All it takes is focus, attention, and 6 simple steps.

Over the years I have written about many different topics to help you be happier and to keep you in a positive high vibration. We have covered important things in life to help us be happier and more successful. We have covered business, career, Mysticism, Meditation and more. We have also been utilizing the power of visualization.

Visualization is a powerful way for The Eternal Divine Mind to assist you to achieve your dreams. What we feel and think about prior to sleep stays with us and creates an almost turbo charged difference to the action we take the following day and creates a much more successful future.

Goals and having a strong intention to better our lives is vital in order to achievement. Now, let’s get back to basics; Many go about their daily routines and lose touch with the simple steps that assisted us to have the success we are presently experiencing.

If you are just now hearing about these simple steps it will blow your much how simple it is. Always use KISS Keep It Simple and Spiritual. These 6 steps WILL, when applied, change your own life so dramatically you will wonder where these ideas were hiding.

Everyone must have a goal in life so that we are focused and working towards something rather than going backwards. A goal is a part of your big vision. It’s not your big vision, its part of your big vision.

For example, if your big vision is to be a multimillionaire, ask yourself why do you want to be rich? Is it so that you can be a great philanthropist, traveling the world, bringing more light to the world so that you will have more time to meditate, and to do your own thing? In other words, the freedom money can bring you. If that is an affirmative YES, then YOU my dear can do it.

There are certain goals you will want to achieve to have that big vision come to fruition. For example, with our business, our goals are clearly defined and written out for www.TheMysticalExperience.com. We work on our goals by breaking them down into projects, sliced down piece by piece. Your main goal is like a lovely, perfectly baked pie and each slice is a project to finish so that the pie will be completed.

This will give you a great deal of clarity. Most people simply become too confused and then scared because they do not know what to do and in what order. Create your pie in mind and then slice it out.

So now let’s go through these real basic, step-by-step actions for goal setting. It is SIMPLE, but do not allow the simplicity to fool you as these steps are powerful because THEY WORK!

#1 Decide what you want!
Were not talking about your big vision, we are talking about what YOU want.When you become clear about what you want in all areas of your life, then simultaneously you will also know what you don’t want. It’s very good to know what you don’t want so that you don’t get what you don’t want, you get what you do want. So, what do you REALLY WANT?

#2 Write it down!
Now that you’ve thought about what you want, write all of those wants down. You see your wants are part of your Big Vision and they are also your goals. Very few people actually write down their goals. People DO set goals but do not go through the vitals step of writing them down in detail as if they had already happened. Remember to write them down as if they have already happened. This is VERY IMPORTANT. The people who do write them down approximately 8 out of 10 of their goals are achieved.

That’s very good. I feel this is because sometimes as we grow our goals then to expand and change. Our consciousness begins to oscillate at a higher vibration. Another important point to remember is to NEVER GIVE UP as some goals take a little longer to achieve. So be persistent and they will eventually manifest in ways that are so magical it will blow you away.
I have some goals that are achieved VERY quickly, and others that have taken years. However, if you know what you want and you never give up, all will come to fruition. Remember your true Higher Self is with you every step along the way. You are NEVER Alone. And as Mother Meera said, The Divine Wants Your To Have Everything That Will Bring You Happiness. Such true words.

Stay focused and positive. Meditate. Exercise. Do all you can to gain energy. Never think about what others are saying. Simply focus on what you are doing and, step by step, the miracles WILL occur.
For some, you may only be 5 minutes way. So NEVER GIVE UP.

#3 Timelines!
Now comes the question to whether put a timeline on your goals. Some people say yes, some say no, so let’s clarify this important piece of the manifesting puzzle.

There is a difference between writing down what you want as if it’s already happened and setting a goal. For example, you have a goal, and it may be in subcategories for different projects that need to be completed by a certain date. This is the time to set a timeline for projects that will help your goal be realized. For example, I’ll say, “By July 1st we will have created some new, positive live stream events. Then we will do all the actions necessary each day to have this happen.

Now when we are talking about our main big vision, we always say it has already happened, visualize it, and write it down every day that this has happened. Our 30-Day Turbo charged Goal Setting and Daily Action List eBook has this all set up for you to do this step by beautiful step. For those of you who are serious about doing your goals and understanding this formula in even more detail I am happy to gift you this powerful program by myself and Bob Proctor. Just email us at Team@TheMysticalExperience.com and say you would like a free copy of 30 Day Turbo charged Goal Setting and Daily Action List eBook.

#4 Sub Goals!
We just covered this in step 3 however let’s go a little deeper. Now we have sub goals for our big vision.

Some of those projects have taken a lot longer to complete because sometimes when we our projects involves working with other people, we must be patient and keep all involved positive and enthusiastic.
Please do have attachment or disappointment when you have holdups when working with others, be patient and keep your mind on your Big Vision, and ask yourself, “Is this worth it? This little bit of extra time and work?” If the answer is YES, hang in their friend, it WILL happen with an attitude like that.

#5 Action Lists!
I highly recommend you do your action lists after you have meditated or have done something to clear your mind. Have a shower, exercise, do anything to clear your mind and raise your energy. A clear mind will bring to you all the ideas the universe could offer plus the solutions.

So, clear your mind, have a notebook handy for each goal. Write into this notebook all the action steps required to make your goal a realty. This is your ideas book. Write down all the ideas that come to you. If you are in network marketing, it would be making a certain number of calls a day, emails, do a motivational teleconference once a week, etc.

Think of all the things you could be doing to achieve your goal. Whether it’s writing a book, or starting a business, or whatever your IT is. Write down lists, think of everything you could possibly do to take positive action.

I’ve used this analogy before, and those of you who have used the Turbo Charged Goal Setting Book will know this. If you are going to create a new website, well then, your website is your main goal. Ut’s not a daily action, it is a goal. Buying your website name, writing copy, setting up audio clips, would be some of the different actions for your daily list. Creating a successful website is your goal. Build your website and add free stuff, articles, to build traffic.

Oh, by the way, if you would like some free products, e-books, articles for your website, we would be happy to gift you with some of ours to put on your website to help add traffic to it. Just e-mail our office manager at Team@TheMysticalExperience.com if you would like some of these free products to put on your websites. That’s always a great way to get traffic. And then put in your Meta tags that you have free products. That’s smart marketing.

Now getting back to your lists, with these lists, whenever you have an idea, add it to your book. If you must write on a little notepad during the day, and then go home at night and put it in your notebook, do it. Because it is good to have all your ideas put in one place, so you don’t lose them. So many people will write down ideas and then lose the bits of note paper, so put it all in your Goal Idea Books. Once you are ready to start acting on these lists, I would like you to then prioritize. One of the most important things to do next.

#6 Prioritize your daily lists.
Do the things FIRST each day that you would rather not do. You will be VERY empowered doing this and have much more energy for the rest of the day.

This is great for personal goals as well. You can use this method for anything. For example, if you want to go on a holiday, where are you going to go, are you going to take your family if you’ve got family, or are you going to take friends? When are you going to go? How long are you going to go for? Which airline? Are you going to go first class? Are you going to go on a ship? Are you going to go to a retreat?

Write down all the things in order of priority that need to be done to take action on that goal. Do it for your personal goals and business goals. See how it works. It’s simple, but not many people do it.

Now last, but not least by any means, do some action EVERY SINGLE day for your major goal.

And next write down your main goals as if they have already happened EVERY SINGLE day. You can use our Turbo Charged Goal Setting Book to do this.

So, go for it my friend, have fun, and live life to the fullest.
In Love and Oneness


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