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Jack Canfield, Author of the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series says,

Brian Tracy, A World Authority On Self-Development says,

Bob Proctor, Author of "You Were Born Rich”, Teacher from “The Secret" says,

Brian Tracy, A World Authority On Self-Development says,​​
“My experience with Michele’s material is that it works almost instantly. You will notice an immediate change in the way that you think and feel. You will notice an immediate change in the way you act, and react, and respond. It activates your reticular cortex. You begin to see possibilities that you hadn’t seen before, and you may even see results within twenty-four hours. Many people do. Well, what she’s done is she’s been able to infuse the most important messages of success together with music. She’s been able to infuse them with music so that they actively go in and affect the subconscious mind and bring about permanent behavior change. And that’s the critical thing in success and achievement.”

Carol says,​​
I joined The Mystical Experience because I had hit a low point and just really felt directed to get involved with Michele and her mission. So my progress has been mostly subtle, though recognizable. Then, Michele offered a prayer session last Sunday and I was able to attend. I sat in meditation listening to Michele’s prayer and guidance. I felt heaviness pressing down on my heart and gradually ascending into my throat, and then the tears came to release the build up of tension. Then, I drank a lot of water and remained very quiet. The next day, I knew something was changed! I feel lighter and happier without any outside influences! I am excited because I truly feel that I am changing from the inside out with Michele’s energy and help! Thank you Michele! You are wonderful and I look forward to continuous changes for the better!”

Domingo Marie says,​​
“I am so happy and grateful for the two telephone prayers you generously offered on the past two weeks. In addition, I am grateful for the prayer transmission you did for me a couple of weeks ago. I see and feel my life getting better and better”

Jorge says,​​
“Many thanks, I and my son are from the Philippines and in your last energy transmission where I requested that you include me and my son, and then I sent his and my photo, that time I suppose after you prayed for us, we were able to sleep like a baby. My son has very high grades in his examination in the morning after we have been prayed for by you”

Lisa Cash says,​​
“Thank you so much Michelle. You did prayers for me last Christmas and almost everything came true! I enjoy seeing what more there is to come”

Gary says,​​
“A quick note Michele to let you know that I had one of the best weeks in a long time. I am on a very large global computer system project that has a lot of negative energy associated with it because of the perceived time constraints with the amount of work to do. Many of the people on this project are frustrated which I was one of them until this past week. I believe it was the prayer last Saturday that changed my energy levels and something else in me because since then I am not worried about meeting the project deadlines. I am at peace, energized and very positive knowing things will work out. I feel transformed”

Michael A, Ph.D. says,
“The Mystical Experience is one of those all too rare one-of-a-kind true and effective guides to generating ongoing wealth and prosperity consciousness on all levels. Now, thanks to Michele Blood, new life and vitality has not only been breathed into my life. Her ground-breaking effort and contribution to the well-being of people on a global scale is truly a gift that keeps on giving!”

Don Runowski says,
“I can get the most powerful, up-lifting and energizing emotions when I participate in any of Michele’s in-person or webinar sessions. Michele brings my life back into absolute consciousness. I absolutely feel I achieve a higher consciousness with each and every one of Michele’s sessions. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. I am gaining momentum to my higher self, to reaching my unlimited consciousness”

Geraldine Byrne says,
Hi Michele. I listened to the episode you did with Melissa on the MindLove podcast and just want to say it was my favorite one yet. Something shifted when listening to you and I wanted to thank you for sharing your story and for the energy it evoked. I’m very grateful to have come across it when I did.

Bob Proctor, Author of “You Were Born Rich”, Teacher from “The Secret” says,
“Michele Blood is truly a special person. For over three decades, I have made serious study of the mind and how to live a full and balanced life. I have taught tens of thousands of people around the world how to properly utilize their God-given potential, and then along came Michele Blood. She had a very positive impact on my life, for which I am truly grateful! She made me aware of unique methods for realizing more power by effectively combining affirmations and music. Invest in her entire library and let this petite powerhouse show you a fast and effective way to enjoy more of life’s rich rewards. I enthusiastically introduce Michele Blood and her wonderful work to every audience. Order her material today! Share Michele and her MusiVation™ discovery with your world; they will thank you with sincere gratitude.”

Sreekanth says,​​
“Dearest Angel, Very fast miracle. Transfer to Kochin City came in 20 hours. Only first part of a promotion left. It’s incredibly beautiful. It has to be felt to be believed. I am grateful for your kind blessed light. Improved my health also. Thanking your beautiful soul”

Vicky Wu says,​​
“I just wanted to tell you that I have received what I asked for in the prayer request. My prayer was answered! I just wanted you to know of this wonderful outcome. Of what I believe was divine intervention and you had a part in it. The way it happened was a miracle, no doubt about it”

Jane Busch says,​​
“As more I’m reading the website and watching your videos the more I want to join The Mystical Experience. I was on a phone listening to prayers twice and really felt peace and quite”

Yen Lin says,​​
“I want to say that I’ve been feeling my heart open more and more, thank you for that! I want to share something with you, it’s an experience that filled my being with joy. Thank you for giving me this experience, it is this that I have been yearning for for so long. I knew I knew this someplace, somewhere, I had just forgotten for a little while”

Edina says,​​
“Being part of the The Mystical Experience had healed so many wounds that my past had left me with, and it has allowed me to move forward so much in bravery and perseverance. As a member, I feel so honored to be part of such beautiful love. Never in my life have I felt so close to a circle of such open and loving people. Being part of the mystical path had broken so many of the restricting chains of resistance I had”

Kim Ripley Hartt says,​​
“I am blown away with Michele’s enthusiasm and genuine energy. I have followed her work and Bob Proctors for years and I attended a meditation seminar she was holding and I was blown away. It seemed to fit into everything I had always known the theory of what my own mystical projects were about. Now I’m a member of her The Mystical Experience with ongoing meditation, lectures, and support material. This is helping me stay true to purpose, direction”

Susanne says,​​
I experienced the profound awareness of “There is only NOW” and everything is an illusion except Enlightenment. Nothing else is real. Thank you for the Light Transmissions with the Divine through you.

Nicole says,​​
“The Mystical Advancement & Success Event has instantaneously and profoundly changed my life for the better-and I am so grateful. I am so grateful to the Divine through Michele, which has awakened that within me, and brought forth graces I had never conceived of”

William says,
The most amazing thing about it is, that when you connect to this energy to help someone. You are really raising your own connection and consciousness so fast. I am growing in vibration and feeling alive inside.

Jack Canfield, Author of the world-famous “Chicken Soup For The Soul” book series says,
“Michele Blood’s energy is incredible. She is a walking billboard for what she teaches, a high vibration being. I thank her for the work she is doing in the world. I love it, and she’s right about the two hemispheres of the brain working together through her Affirmation Power Music Songs. Everything moving in harmony. Beautiful.”

Yonca says,​​
“Thank you very much for your priceless energy transformation. Since Sunday my husband has been transforming in a good way. After a really long time he is interested in me and hugs me kisses me and I can see the love in his eyes. This is like miracle and how much I appreciate your help”

Joy Baker says,​​
“Thank you for the prayer call tonight. This was the first one I’d received from you and I can feel the warmth of the energy in various areas of my body, while you were talking/praying and even now. Mainly in my kidneys, spleen and heart area. I appreciate you and what you’re doing. Thank You”

Dorthe says,​​
“Thank you for the energy, John my husband has change nice and Asger my son is has also :0) And it is more easy for me to connect to people in my business, great, thank you Michele for the The Mystical Experience membership and energy”

Caroline says,​​
“Your prayers helped me to find a job working with developmentally disabled Souls. So many Miracles”

Gary says,​​
“I wanted to thank you again for who you are and what you do. God has given to the world a special gift with you. He is truly working through you. It’s been about two weeks now since I was on the special meditation call that you opened up to many people. Thank you for doing that! Since joining I continue to live each day with much more joy and happiness. I feel like I am being reborn and my consciousness is awakening”

J Marie says,​​
“It is with a heart full of gratitude that I am writing this email tonight. I’ve just finished watching the meditation DVD, and for that I am grateful. Your face shines because of the Love and Gratitude that you have for the Divine/God. and your Prayer recording also made a major shift in my heart. The words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found you when I did. My prayers to God were to end my life if I had to continue living the same way. For without God in my life, I am nothing. And I forgot to listen to my heart and more importantly I forgot the main ingredient: GRATITUDE. So dear Michele thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Love of the Divine/God and for sharing with me/us the simple steps to get closer to God”

Dr. R. Cherney says,​​
“The mystical teaching is so personal & intimate, The Grace that is received thru Michele by us, like in the Webinar, or through the monthly DVD’s, opens one up to one’s heart. This action that is so dazzling & mysterious & giving of sovereignty, & fulfilling the longing of one’s soul”

Patty C. says,​​
“I want to say Thank You So Much for all that you’re doing. I really so much appreciate, love and cherish every call, CD, DVD, events, etc… You’ve made my life alive again. Thank you, Thank you”

J’en El says,​​
“Somehow I ended up at one of Michele Blood’s seminar’s I had no idea at the time of WHO Michele Blood was. After hearing her speak for just a few moments, tears began to fill my eyes. I knew instantly that there was no mistake about WHY I had come to her seminar. I felt that my angel, guide and new dearest friend was about to help me on my journey of life and to fill in the blanks of what was about to become “my destiny”. Michele helped me to tap into the depths of my soul and has given me Direction and pointers that were invaluable”

Reviews from the Media...

Claudiu Murgan from the Spiritually Inspired podcast says,

“Michele is an international success story and I was honoured to have her as a guest on Spiritually Inspired podcast. There is no lack of discussion subjects with Michele due to her broad perspective to life. The fact that she is an enlightened being takes the interaction to the next level, opening others to their own spiritual potential. I had a wonderful time conversing with her.”

Kelley O’Hara from the Six-Figure Speaker Spotlight podcast says,

“I just have to thank you so much for such a fun, wild, energetically juiced conversation! I didn’t want to let you go! HA!!! Can you imagine? You’re literally like plugging into a light socket!”

Dottie Walters from Speakers Magazine says,

“The information Michele gave to our readers was
remarkable. Her experience as a Speaker and Singer
throughout her life is truly amazing. She shared how to handle any audience with confidence, passion, and purpose. Michele’s energy is limitless. Also, her
products are worth more than all the cups of coffee in the world.”

Cindy Lybbert from the Healing the Wounds Summit says,​​

I could listen to Michele talk every day, all day 🙂 She certainly had her trials of wounds and amazingly healed them through music and affirmation. WOW! What a walking, living testimonial she is! I love her, her presence, her music and products, the time she takes to helping others all over the world, …and mostly her spirit, prayers, work, smile, everything, …what a beautiful sister. I love her work, she has changed my life and I feel blessed having her in my life. I would encourage everyone to check her website out and the wonderful products she has to offer. Best of all are her live zoom calls, fabulous connecting with her and seeing people all over the world come into a room of such high vibration and love. Blessings to you Michele and all you do, you are a great example to me.

Allison Jackson from the Fit To Lead podcast says,​​

Michele was a guest on my Fit to Lead podcast a few months ago and I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with her. She is so passionate and full of good energy! It made our conversation so engaging and free flowing. You can immediately tell that Michele is such a caring and giving person. She was a pure delight to feature on my show and I’d welcome the opportunity to collaborate with her again in the future.

Toni Lontis from Radio Toni says,​​ I had the pleasure of interviewing Michele Blood on the Radio Toni podcast in 2020 and the value she added to the audience was immense. Our show together focused on “Awakening Your Consciousness” and how Michele helps individuals to live a mystical life. We spent time talking about her life and journey, where Michele spoke openly and vulnerably about her life, how spirituality empowers your life. As a fellow Australian, her words resonated not only with me but with the audience as well. If you have the opportunity to connect, listen to or attend any of Michele’s events, don’t hesitate.

Debbie McCulloch from the Older And Bolder podcast says,

Thank you on behalf of my listening audience for your part in helping Michele to spread her message of the power of meditation, affirmations, and music!

Sue Lundquist from the Clarity With Sue podcast says,

Thank you so much for trusting in me and giving me the permission to showcase you. Michele, it was so beautiful to hear from you, how much you love my energy, because I’ve been contemplating after 15 years about not doing radio anymore and creating a new life and its lifestyle, of course, financial freedom and looking at shifting gears completely.

Sharón Lynn Wyeth from the Know the Name; Know the Answers podcast says,

Michele is an awesome guest and one that viewers requested for us to have back again and again. She is both knowledgeable and entertaining and the conversation flows easily. Do you want an exciting and informative show? Have Michele join you!

Lauren Foster from the How To Choose Happiness and Freedom podcast says,

I had so much fun having Michele on my podcast! She’s such a bright light and her story is so inspiring. I loved sharing her message about the power of affirmations with my audience.

John Racine from The Total Freedom Podcast says, ​​

I had the distinct honor of having Michele on my Total Freedom Podcast and her appearance was beyond my expectations. She was captivating, inquisitive and incredibly inspiring which is reflective of what I was looking for on my podcast. Making an impression would undersell what she provided to my audience and impacted positively not just my audience, but also myself as a podcast host.

Brad Gudim from the Synergy Café podcast says,

My interview with Michele was one of my favorites. She is a delight, and her energy is wonderfully contagious. (In a beautiful way.)

Tamara Pflug from the Get Confident, Get Happy podcast says,

Michele was on the Get Confident, Get Happy Podcast to talk about how using affirmations can boost your self-confidence. We had so much fun. Michele has such a unique and warm personality! Just listening to her and being around her will have a huge impact on your lives!

Vinny Ribas from the Cartne podcast says,

Michele was a pleasure to interview. She was incredibly informative and inspirational at the same time and I know my subscribers will benefit greatly from her wisdom.

Lumari from the Your Higher Soul Frequency summit says,

What a fabulous interview. I love spending time with you. My husband Peter was in the room and loved your meditation/practice! His experience … Everything in the room went to light and the only thing he saw was your face and hands. So everything disappeared except you!

Tianna Roser from the Beyond The Illusion podcast says,

Michele has an incredible, radiant energy. I felt my spiritual energy activate just through our conversation. Her positivity and sincerity shine through her words. Our discussion flowed so naturally, as if we could talk for hours and still have more to say. She’s a fantastic podcast guest.

Shane and Jason Baller from the Sprinkled with Hop‪e‬ podcast says,​​

We loved our podcast interview with you. The affirmations you shared with us, your experiences, energy, and passion, we loved it all. Keep up the great work.‬‬‬‬

Gloria Grace Rand from the Live. Love. Engage. Podcast says,

Michele is a true professional, talented speaker and singer, and terrific podcast guest. She made my job as an interviewer easy because she was engaging, enthusiastic, and educational. She gave our listeners actionable tips, and she has a wonderful sense of humor too. I would invite her back on my show anytime.

Walt Thiessen from the Your Daily Dose of Happy podcast says,

We had Michele on the LOA Today podcast back in August 2021, and it was a wonderful visit. She is such a happy, high vibe person to interview, and her story of being hospitalized after a terrible accident and turning it into her unexpected discovery of the power of affirmations when produced in song form is quite inspiring. To make matters even more fun, I got an email from her today exactly one day after I mentioned her during yesterday’s recording of another episode of my podcast. Who says the Law of Attraction is a bunch of woo-woo nonsense? Not me, that’s for sure!

Reviews from customers...

Kim Hartt says,

There is a quote Michele includes in this book by Alexander Graham Bell. “When one door closes, another window opens.” I have been taught by Michele to see limitless possibilities of that we are pure consciousness in that of eternity. Michele is a light that shines by her own experiences of success and in this work lets us take that practical journey in doing the same, but in our own unique way. Mystical studies may seem abstract, but Michele through this work brings the practical “real world” experience into our own fruition from that which has already proved itself in her own life’s manifestation. Excellent work to look at again and again and use as a guide over many years of one’s life. Thank you, Michele.

Jeananne Onstayan says,​​

Michele Blood really knows the highest way to use affirmations to help improve one’s life. You can use the information in this book to immediately start a daily affirmation routine choosing the ones that resonate the most for you and your life and this will assist you to keep your mind more and more consciously aimed in a positive growth-filled direction. A reprogramming of your inner mind chatter will occur and amazing changes in your life circumstances will follow. This book, therefore, is definitely in the life-changing category and I highly recommend it. Also, there is an audiobook version too and it rocks!

Cindy Lybbert says,​​

I absolutely love Michele’s book, it is my 2nd bible! LOL A power house gal/writer/healer that brings inspiration, hope and love to the world. I love her energy and enthusiasm and hope to be more like her. Thank you Michelle, I can’t say enough of the good and enlightenment you bring to the world. May you be blessed 10 fold. I am grateful our paths met. I keep this book on my desk and draw upon the wisdom when I need a lift, inspiration, or just seeking some fun and laughter.

Holly Fallah says,​​

Before reading this book, I didn’t quite fully understand how affirmations worked. I understood the theory behind it, but I couldn’t quite connect to that experience that I was looking for. This book completely changed everything for me. I now understand that affirmations are not just words, but a beautiful portal to connect with the depths of my soul. This book has shown me what endless possibility truly looks like, and how accessible it is to all of us, just from the power of our own thought.

Kevin McDonald says,​​

Michele does an awesome job of explaining and laying out just how valuable this book is in understanding and creating the life you want. The Magic Of Affirmation Power makes it easy to understand and follow through. A great life-changing book!

Vistolina says,​​

This book transformed my life in many unbelievable ways. There’s a reason behind its name because it works like MAGIC if you take action. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to go beyond their limitations. I’ll be forever grateful.

Pradeep Kumar says,

This is a Powerful book filled with great affirmations on all areas.

William Scannell says,

First, I must admit that I knew of Michele’s affirmation work before this book was released and I have practiced her teaching with great results. So much so, that I feel that these affirmation teaching are life-changing and I know because this is what happens to me. My life before her affirmations and after is just so different. I used to wake up in the morning wanting to stay in bed longer, as my mind used to be saying to me, life is better here, than out there in the world. There was no life in my life, day after day, but since I have been practicing Michele’s affirmations, that she teaches in this book, Wow such a difference. I now wake up in the morning feeling so alive and so looking forward to my day.
These affirmations are so powerful that the voices in my head are all positive now, so much so, that now when I awake in the morning, I feel so good and alive like never before, even when the weather is bad outside. Before the voices in my head were all so negative, but it is like they are singing upbeat songs and I just want to dance with joy. I believe, I awaken the joy inside of me like never before with the practice of Michele’s Affirmations. Try it, what have you got to lose, only the bad feeling and that negative voice in your head. How cool is that?

Gerhard Dibra says,

Author has done a fabulous job explaining the power of affirmations. Until I read the book and try it for myself, I had no idea how useful affirmations were. In the book, it is also the story of the author how she healed herself using affirmations. This inspired me very much.
One of the primer points for me is the fact how the brain works and how music helps in rewiring the brain. This book makes you conscious of your own mind and makes you feel more with more self confidence and make decisions easier

Anna says,

I really enjoyed “The Magic of Affirmation Power”. This book is life-changing! It teaches you how to love yourself, how to quiet your mind, and love your life. It teaches how to feel love every moment of your life, feel happiness all the time and it raises your vibrations through the affirmations that the author explains in the book. When you join the affirmations and the music… magic happens! I would read it again and again.

Katalin says,

Very powerful book. I love to read it and I love the audio version is well. It is really motivating and I love that I can listen anywhere and I feel really magical after I listening the chapters and songs.♥️😍

Martial Thevenot says,

DeLightful, Light reading about the path towards enLIGHTenment using affirmations and practical building habits that will serve to support a journey towards more health, more joy, more abundance, more love, more peace, more FREED-OM!! A must-read if these are what you seek…

Rudina Thanasi says,​​

This book is light, easy, and fun to read, but quite scientific. It makes you conscious, responsible and shows you how to take ownership over your own mind, life, and fate.

Eva says,

This is a great read and I also got the audio-book. My opinion the audiobook is even better!! So much value in listening to the author saying the affirmations and the music, it´s more like an expensive program!

Vasiliki says,

The Magic of Affirmation Power book and audiobook have opened my heart and mind to the true power of my thoughts and beliefs. Awakening in me the realization and knowing that I am the creator of what is in my body, heart, and mind. Every time I read it or listen to it through the strong intention and light from Michele(the author) greater shifts happen. My energy rises, I feel happier and more connected to my true essence, my Higher Self. I highly recommend this book to start creating a life filled with All of the Good that you desire.

The author shares her true experience of miraculous healing through the power of singing affirmations because they stay with you like a jingle. She has filled the book and songs with so much love, light, and happiness making it a joy to read or listen to. She is inspiring and full of Love and Playfulness.

Lilian Gesualdi says,​​

The Magic of Affirmation Power is a fascinating book. Michele Blood tells her life story after she had a near death car accident and how she fully recovered by creating affirmations and put them into music since it was non-existing at the time, from her hospital bed.
Michele explains the science behind it. Affirmation plus music enters your subconscious mind much faster than just Affirmations because it is registered on the right and left side of the brain simultaneously. It is a great read. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ann says,

I just loved The Magic of Affirmation Power book from start to finished. I found it so uplifting and helpful I actually never realised how powerful my thoughts could be and now instead of negative thoughts I find myself checking myself more and more and changing to positive thoughts. The author offers a lot of tools to help you along. I also bought the CD and I have it playing nonstop even while I am sleeping!

Danny Tang says,

I very much enjoyed this book. The author was able to convey “affirmation” in the simplest of terms. Reading “The Magic of Affirmation Power,” I felt I was able to grasp those very ideas and understand my thought process at the same time. Change myself to what I want in life. A very powerful book if you follow and resonate with it.

Kathleen O’Connor says,

I loved the video book. It was great hearing Michele’s voice and the lovely way she expresses everything. It was exciting to be watching and listening to the first video book. I loved the images. Some were funny and some heartwarming. It definitely lifted my mood and really struck a chord with me. A lot of the things talked about were kept fresh in my thoughts through the next day. For years I thought I was doing something wrong, like not meditating properly or enough, not exercising enough. So after 10 years of sort of trying, just being at home on my own, I lost touch with friends and family for 10 years. Loved the zoom call, wonderful as ever, and thank you for the joy you bring with your video book and app, love them. I have started to receive positive results and have recently connected with the rest of my family, siblings and mother, and I am starting to build a nice home/ life for myself. ***** Five stars Kathleen.

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