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How can we transform our lives? Through transforming our consciousness. Can we do this alone? Yes, however it is a very difficult path to do alone. Here at The Mystical Experience you are meditated for every single day and sent transmissions of energy.

In The Mystical Experience, it is our goal and positive intention to strip away old paradigms of false beliefs and become one with our true Higher Self. And hence our Divine Destiny is at last revealed in all its glory! There is much given through this membership in Divine vibrational energy transmissions, exercises, monthly DVDs and more.


Become who you were truly born to be. An awakened soul!

At the Light Transmission Academy you learn to awaken the part of you that knows truth.  To awaken the power and energy that activates your chakras.

The Light must be first transmitted to you, so that you are plugged into the Divine then you are given instructions on how to transmit light to others. Then all things are possible, for you, your loved ones and for those you feel need to be healed from their suffering.

You will at last be free, open and receptive to the true miracle that you are. You will experience being One with the Divine. Allow the flow of life to guide you to your higher purpose has always been to evolve and accept the power of the cosmos as your own friend and beloved.


Everything is energy… you either gain energy or lose energy. Thousands of people across the world wish to advance spiritually and never do. They spend their lifetime trying and they reach a certain level and never really advance spiritually.  Through our lives streams and workshops we are able to reach seekers in all part of the world, so they can also journey on the pathway towards Enlightenment.


If you want to move into brighter levels of consciousness, you require extra light that can be transmitted only by those few that able to. Those that have had their Kundalini awakened.  It’s not enough just to meditate.   In order to be a serious seeker of higher consciousness, you need to have grade “A” Kundalini energy transferred to you.  That way you can move quickly from states of minds into brighter, divine consciousness.


Join Me on the Journey to Enightenment

Journey to Enlightenment...
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