The Magic of Affirmation Power

The Buddha taught this over two and a half thousand years ago, so it’s not such a big secret. With our thoughts we create the world. You can use your thoughts through positive affirmations, visualization, meditation and music. With the…

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The Power Of Meditation

Practicing Meditation forms a most important part of our work in our life becoming Successful, filled with Joy and Peace of Mind. The reason we say practicing is because Eternity meditates us… we call it practicing meditation until we have…

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What is Consciousness?

People speak a lot about prosperity consciousness, but what is consciousness? Soul or Consciousness is our Higher Self! Joel S. Goldsmith the great mystic teacher said it perfectly,” The day will come when, if you know enough about Consciousness you…

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  The Pole of Prosperity

What is the Pole of Prosperity? It is using the Law of Polarity and the Law of Vibration in our favor to create what we want into our beautiful lives. Once we love our dreams enough, and then take positive…

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