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Through Meditation You Can Become Prosperous

Through Meditation You Can Become Prosperous

I would love for you to really tune in to our topic in this article because it may be the key to your new understanding of money and spirituality. About what is happening behind the scene, so to speak, with the beautiful Eternal Holy Light. This Light is the oscillating vibration of the Divine. The title says it all, through meditation you can indeed become prosperous.

Now, let’s get into what this means for your life. Some people tend to become very perplexed about prosperity and spirituality and think it doesn’t mix, however, the practice of meditation will not only assist you to become prosperous, gain energy, become healthier, it will also be your ticket to freedom. Freed-OM.

So, for those of you who don’t know me my name is, Michele Blood and I have been teaching metaphysics and deep mysticism since the early ’90s.  I was a pop singer in Australia, touring all around Australia. One day I had a near-fatal car accident which actually changed my life. Not everything that you think is negative is negative. It changed my life, took me on a new direction to my true purpose in life. However, you don’t have to go through something horrific to have good things happen in your life. It’s our attitude towards what happens and how we can learn and better ourselves at every moment.

After that, I was on my way to becoming healed. I started writing more positive affirmation songs that I called “Affirmation Power” music later it was retitled Musivation™. Bob Proctors wife Linda came up with this name Musivation™. Motivation and music combined, but so much more because affirmations absolutely change your thoughts and this changes your life. With the music, the affirmations are planted into your subconsciousness mind 300 times faster than simply saying or writing them down.

That was how my journey to my soul purpose began, being a singer in Australia to creating metaphysical, positive affirmation music. I worked and shared the stage with wonderful Teachers from all over the world including Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and so many other inspiring authors.

I was living an amazing life however I was still searching for something more. So, I started meditation practice, climbing incredible mountains and going through dangerous jungles to find God in my life, to find that Divine. I had this heart glow that wouldn’t stop. It was like I was like just living with this overpowering urge to find the Divine. I was in love. So, I went searching for the Divine and eventually I found my path to Truth. I won’t go into all the details. You can always go to www.TheMysticalExperience.com if you want to read more about my journey.

I was so blessed to eventually after many years and many countries to meet someone who knew God. An Enlightened Teacher. Her name is Kundalini. I was so blessed that she agreed to teach me and eventually I awakened, my own Kundalini awakened because when you have a True Teacher they can Transmit Light to you and if you meditate as well, the combination assists you to go into higher states of being that you may never have been able to reach on your own. You know that old saying, “you have to do it on your own however you cannot do it alone.”  Now I teach people from all over the world, from all walks of life, from all age’s meditation and mysticism.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, your entire circumstances can be uplifted through Meditation practice. Whether you’re an atheist, agnostic or you truly are a seeker of truth on the path, the practice of meditation can assist you, can bring up your oscillation, your Divine vibration.

So, that’s why we’re going to speak now about meditation and how it can make you prosperous in every area of your life.

My intention for you is that now today, in every moment that you’re watching or reading this, that your vibration, your oscillation becomes faster, a higher Divine frequency. This gives you energy, clarity of mind and creativity and that is how people become successful. They have their spiritual momentum turned UP.

Meditation and spirituality are the same. Meditation and money are the same.  Spirituality and prosperity Are the same. Why do people have it in their heads that if you are spiritual you should live in poverty? That may be true in the East where people understand and feed and look after souls on their journey to awakening however in the west we must look after ourselves.

So, in fact, the more you are one with the Divine, the more you can co-create a beautiful life. Allow the Divine who is our true consciousness, to co-create beauty and love into this beautiful world. Your purpose here on this planet is to co-create with the Divine and become FREE. If the Divine is living through your body and your body is the temple of the Divine, then your life and your body must be looked after.

If you are living in poverty or you don’t have enough for your family and your loved ones what happens is your oscillation goes down. Your energy goes down, and then it gets harder and harder to do the things that are needed to be done. Some find as their energy goes down it also affects their health and attitude. They find it easier to complain and be negative because then at least, at an unconscious level, that negativity can temporally relieve their suffering. They start complaining about other people and never have a nice word to say.  And you know when people are doing this they are living in fear. We must have compassion because they are not happy people. However, they CAN BE HAPPY again.

That is another reason why I love to teach people that prosperity is not a dirty word. Wealth is good and I am speaking about wealth in every area of your life. Wealth in health, wealth in seeing the beautiful all around you. Every leaf on every tree is prosperity. Wealth in your bank accounts. Why would you buy a little cheap mattress or cheap, little pillows when you spend so much time in bed. Someone was raving on, “Oh, I’ve got this bed for only 200 bucks and pillows for five bucks.” This is not a way to live. This isn’t something to brag about.

You’ve got to live a life that is good, that is honoring the Divine through you. You’re not doing it for egotistical reasons.  And we must honor when people are really making it in this world successfully because you will see by their demeanor, by their energy, by their oscillation, by their generosity, where their consciousness is, you can feel their love for life.

I remember Reverend Ike. Back in the day after I had a near-fatal car accident in the ’80s, I was writing my own affirmation songs for my healing and I heard this tape from this man called Reverend Ike in America, he was a preacher in New York. However, I hear never heard such a preacher. WOW, he blew my socks off with his positivity about prosperity.

And I listened to this tape repeatedly and he kept saying, “Spirituality and money are wonderful. You are a magnet to money. Everyone say right now, ‘Money loves me and loves to be around me and circulate. Money loves me.’” So, I went home that night and I wrote this affirmation song called “I Am A Magnet To Money: Money, Money Loves Me.”

As I kept listening to it, it was shifting my paradigm about money. Because I was so on my search for God I wasn’t thinking about money. But I noticed my meditation practice was more peaceful. My mind was becoming more still, and things were shifting in my life to the positive. Subtly at first however I noticed I was making more and more money.

I was working with all of these amazing world-renown spiritual and motivational speakers like Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Stuart Wilde and so many others because apparently no one had done affirmation music in this way so people hired me to sing at their large events and speak about what I then called Affirmation Power.

Eventually, I met Reverend Ike and I had already written to him and had his permission to release my Money Song so wherever I put this song I would always put ‘Dedicated To Rev. Ike.’  I recorded an interview with Rev Ike which you can listen to for free through www.Musivation.com or www.TheMysticalExperience.com and it is also on www.Youtube.com on the Rev Ike channel.

Over 4 million people so far have listened to the Magnet To Money song because it’s so different and it does shift consciousness. All these affirmation songs I was doing was shifting my consciousness, however, once I started really practicing meditation things started shifting so much more. Ideas would come to me and I noticed I had more energy. What’s energy? It’s vibration. My vibration was becoming powerful, the heart glow tingles through my head. I was happy, but I was still on a search for God, but I kept getting these amazingly creative ideas for writing books, for new music.

Before I knew it, I’m running Bob Proctor’s business in Asia. Helping him get his book, “You Were Born Rich,” as a number one bestseller.  Having hits in Asia with my music. Huge concerts the biggest being 50,000 people. I know all of this happened because of Meditation and Affirmations.   Through positive thinking. Through the positive music. Visualization. I was so into doing all these things and those things brought my oscillation up. Fast enough for me to eventually have my dream come true, to meet an Enlightened Teacher, who taught me for 10 years.

Meditation is good for everyone. Meditation quietens your mind. You are then in tune with your higher self. When you are in tune with your higher self, things start vibrating towards you. You are oscillating at a higher vibration. So many people don’t get the things that they want even though they think they are using the Law of Attraction because they’re not resonating with it. They don’t feel it really in their heart. They don’t feel worthy of it. Whether it’s a girlfriend or a husband or a better job or better money or multiple streams of income. They can’t even conceive of what they could do to have multiple streams of income.

Well, it’s easy. Every single person including you, my darling friend, have what it takes. You have the power within yourself, I love the way Thomas Troward said it. “The Hidden Power,” I highly recommend that book. Thomas Troward talked about this hidden power you have within yourself. And when he was in India, he practiced meditation, and I’m sure that man became Enlightened.  He lived over 100 years ago, this English man, he was one of the first teachers of new thought. But of course, the daddy of new thought was the Buddha. It wasn’t new thought back then. That’s way before Jesus was even born.

He said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” And you do, but you must be resonating with it. It can’t be just a thought. If you have a thought and you don’t get the thing you start going down. You have all these fears. However, when you begin to practice meditation and quieten your mind, then when you have those positive thoughts it has more energy to it.

Because the Divine, Mother Meera, an amazing, Enlightened, beautiful, beautiful soul says this perfectly. “The Divine wants you to have everything in your life that will bring you happiness.” And, of course, that includes money. So, begin to really think of yourself as a prosperous, wealthy person. Wealthy in friends, wealthy in love, wealthy in compassion, wealthy in tithing, in generosity and giving. The practice of meditation will get you away from your personality, ego-self, and into your Divine Self.

Here is my prayer for you right now.

The Divine presence is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. And I give thanks to the person who is listening to this, watching this, or reading this right now. Omniscient Divine knows exactly who you are because  the Divine lives in you, as you. So, I give thanks to your Divine presence. I say, “Go before this person, and prepare the way. Bring into their experience everything that will bring them happiness, purpose, spiritual fulfillment, harmony, and prosperity. Their life force is you, Divine. And I know that these words that I speak are the truth and are packed and soaked with Divine light. May this person. every cell of this person’s being, every particle, every atom of their consciousness, and in between the atoms, every cell of their being be filled with Divine Holy Light/Shakti right here, right now.

And I know that my words are the truth for this person. May their mind be absolutely peaceful. May their life be joyful. May every moment of their journey from this moment on become higher and higher in oscillation, in joy, in compassion, in generosity of spirit, in health. Every opportunity that can bring them to their Divine purpose. May they now be able to see it. May the veils of illusion be lifted so that they can feel this joy, this love and know that the Divine lives in them, through them, and all around them. Thank you, God.

You are so loved, you had just a taste, a touch, but that will bring your oscillation up. You will never again, ever again, after today go back to the vibration you were at before. It may be a very subtle, subtle movement of life-changing for the better, but it will change because I know this truth for you. And I know that the Divine adores you, is you, that eternal ocean of light. Sprinkling, as Peter Pan said, fairy dust, “With just a little bit of fairy dust and a happy thought you can fly.” You can fly. everything is possible for you, everything. And you are so loved.

We talked on another video about your spiritual momentum. This assists your spiritual momentum what happened today, right here, right now. So, imagine doing this all of the time, everyday practicing meditation. If you truly, truly, truly wish to have your oscillation go up and to be part of the Divine experience, and it will assist you, your loved ones, your friends, people you work with, opportunities you never saw before. It’ll be like you’ve broken out of your shackles, get out of jail card. Every day will be freer

It won’t always be easy, but it will be a life worth living. If you wish for that I highly recommend you go to www.TheMysticalExperience.com, watch the free videos there. Be part of something that will assist you, have light transmitted to you whether you believe in God or not, why not allow your soul to assist you. You are not watching this by accident. There are no

accidents in life. Because the Light, I thank my teacher, I thank the lineage, I thank anyone who’s ever meditated, every Buddha.

And so, what I would love for you to experience today right now. I have created a visualization for you. This is a visualization and you are being meditated as you listen to it. It is called, “The Pool Of Enlightened Samadhi.”

As a subtitle, I put, “A visualization to cleanse you of negativity, take you into the Divine light and raise your consciousness.” As your consciousness, which is your soul, which is the Divine mind vibrates at a higher oscillation the Divine presence is clearer in your consciousness and you start attracting into your life, resonating with things that are in a higher oscillation. Good

things, good experiences, more money, lots and lots of things. Visualization is something that you see in your mind’s eye. It’s like taking a positive thought to the next level. You actually start visualizing what it is that you want. That’s one type of visualization. This visualization will take you out of the realm of the mire, of the world’s thoughts, and bring you into a Divine heaven plane where you will be cleansed of negativity.

Sometimes it’s so hard to bring your energy up because lines of attention, or negativity, or things that were just horrible in your life are still stuck to you somehow, and you can’t seem to let it go. It’s like you still feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders, muck stuck to you. This will cleanse you. This will lift your vibration, this visualization. But because as I said light is being transmitted to you as you listen to it, oh my Goodness it is so powerful.

So, whether you believe in God or not, a higher power, the eternal, I know that you believe in love. I know that you believe that you are alive. I know that there’s something within you that knows if you could just be helped, lift it up a little, that your life can be better. At least believe in that.

So, all you have to do is go to www.MysticalProsperity.com to be able to download and get this wonderful visualization that I’ve done for you. And it has a special prayer in it for you as well. And you may say, “Well how is this prayer going to help me? It’s just a generalized prayer, isn’t it?”

No, it’s not. The Divine lives in you. The Divine knows my intention has been that every single person that listens to it is lifted in vibration. That prayer is especially for them, for you, as if I was right in front of you doing the prayer. God knows every hair on your head. God, the Divine has created everything, knows how many blades of grass there are on this entire planet so of course, the Divine knows you. You can’t breathe, you can’t do anything without the Divine living through you whether you believe it or not. Truth is truth. You are loved. It is your Divine heritage, your Divine birthright to co-create with God and have a wonderful life.

You are so loved, and everything is possible for you with the Divine.

So, listen to this visualization and prayer and Meditate and soon you too will notice more and more peace and prosperity manifesting through the Divine into your experience.

I AM with you.

In Love and Oneness

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