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Are You A Mystic?

Are You A Mystic?

Are You a Mystic?
Michele Blood

 You may ask, “Why do I care if I am a mystic or not? I am in my 60’s, or I am so young, why would I need to think of such deep philosophy? I have only just begun my life!” It doesn’t matter what your age, culture, or past belief system. Finding out who you are in consciousness can shift everything in life to inner fulfillment, joy, and purpose. So, what does it mean to be a mystic?

Mysticism, to some people who are new, can sound like a pretty loose definition. What is it? Is it complicated? Is it too deep for me?  It’s impossible to express with words what mysticism is; however, I’m going to do my best.

A person who is a practicing mystic is always experimenting with ways to experience union with the Divine. It’s pretty simple, but not so easy. It’s something that you may have heard in a hundred different ways, but it is still expressing the same truth. This spiritual truth, the ultimate reality, can be attained by anybody. The ultimate, supreme reality. I won’t call it final, although some people call it the final Enlightenment. It’s not. You keep going higher and higher, into faster frequencies of Divine vibration.

There are mystics from all religions and cultures. There are Christian mystics, such as Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross, who was one of her main disciples. There are Hindu and Buddhist mystics; in fact, all religions have had mystics. All religions teach us to be closer to God, in communication with the Divine of our understanding. Mysticism isn’t rooted in superstition or dogma. A mystic is simply wanting communication with their Divine Beloved. And eventually Enlightenment, the Divine Union.

Here are some questions for you to find out if the mystical path is your path.

You love to read about and experience the unknown.
You ask yourself, what is the meaning of life? What is the secret to all of this? For a practicing mystic, the world is expansive and magical, and the unknown is simply something to be uncovered.  That’s why certain things that are said will give you a Satori, a knowing. It will ring true to your heart and to your soul, even if it does not make logical sense. You feel the mysteries of life come into your very being as truth, as real. This is because you already possess that certain frame of mind where you’ve always found that you’re quite psychically sensitive. You’re sensitive to how others are feeling, and you think there must be more to this life.

You Long For The Mystical Experience Divine Union More Than Any Other Experience.
Knowledge to you means nothing but a good memory. You want the experience of the Divine above all else. You may have felt soul-sick for a lot of your life and not know what the intangible thing is that has been missing in your heart. When you do discover it is Divine Union, you do all you can to have that direct communication with your own Higher Self. Divine Union is everything, and you realize that this is your true purpose, which is to be absorbed into the Divine Heart. You are ready to release your old identity of the ego because you now realize that was all an illusion.

You Feel A Desire To Serve Others, To Turn Suffering Into Happiness.
I find that people that are naturally inclined towards Enlightenment feel a desire to serve others and to turn suffering into happiness. They want to guide others through life’s obstacles and release suffering in this world. In their own lives, they have experienced some sadness and suffering because they don’t know why they’re here, but they know it’s something important. It’s like, “Why am I here? I’ve got to climb the mountain. I don’t know why. I know I’ve got to be doing something big in my life, and I’m not sure what it is.” You do your best not to judge others. You feel compassion and know that some people seem to have been born on the opposite side of the fence and that their suffering can be changed to happiness. You know that happiness and freedom is possible for all of God’s creation.

You Were A Sensitive Child.
Even as a child, you may have possessed creative abilities and special talents that are beyond the maturity of your young age. You did not realize it at the time; however, sometimes, you felt strange otherworldly thoughts. You loved to look up into the sky with no thought in simple wonder at the beauty. As young children, you said profound things that adults were stunned to hear from a child. You may have daydreamed a lot and saw and felt things others didn’t. You sometimes felt lifted out of your body and you would become lost in the beauty of nature. If other children were mean to you, you would feel lost, confused, and sad. You could not understand anger or bullies.

As An Adult, You Hid Your Intuitive Abilities And Wisdom From Others.
You have, through experience, realized that it is sometimes safer to hide your intuitive abilities, seldom revealing them to others.  This is wise sometimes; however, it is vital that you do not hide these Divine gifts from yourself. When you recognize your gifts and use them, this is not ego. It is acknowledging the Divine is working through you. Your life becomes a meaningful journey of enlightening experiences and a rewarding call to serve others. You may have asked yourself, “Why am I doing this small thing? My spirit is bigger than this.” Your spirit IS bigger than that thing. That is true humility, knowing that you’re bigger than the thing that you’re doing and there is a much larger vision for your existence. It’s not saying that the job that you’re doing is less than you or the people are less than you, but there’s something within you that knows you were born to be doing more than you’ve been doing. Does this ring true?

When you’re on this path throughout your life, there will be times where you value experience beyond anything else. Not just a study, but a real experience of the mystical is paramount to your heart.

You Make Up Your Own Rules For Your Life.
Your freedom means everything to you, so you have never liked being told what to do, how to live, and how to act. You know being part of the norm will never be your life. Your independence means everything and if you are not independent you feel deep sadness. Can you relate to hating rules and regulations, even if you followed them because you knew to say too much would rock the boat and you didn’t want to cause disharmony. Lots of times people that are potential mystics don’t understand if they are or not. They know they want peace at any price. So, they will go along with the rules and regulations and do the right thing, but at the same time, it irks them because they want freedom and they want harmony. They want people to be in harmony, but they’re not going to instigate fights. They’ll want to keep the peace. They’ll put up with people’s crap, but it really is doing them harm and it will make them sick in the end because they’re not supposed to be doing things from that lower evolution of consciousness. It’s not ego and you’re not stubborn wanting freedom. It’s just that you know that you’re not a person who’s supposed to live by rules or definitions. The Ten Commandments are for children. Thou shalt not steal, no kidding. Thou shalt not kill. Well of course not. Most rules are for adults who are like children.  Moses made the commandments because he had to. He was in charge of these people who had never known freedom and who were starting to worship some cow they made while he was up the mountain and had begun to live in degrading ways.

When You Have Heard Spiritual Words For The First Time, You Have Felt In Tune. Shakti, Satori, Enlightenment, Mysticism, Chakras, Eternity.
You are remembering unconsciously your past life experiences and practices so when you hear or read spiritual terminologies, you feel a beautiful yearning to experience what it all means. It does not feel foreign to you at all.

 At Times In Your Life, You’ve Done Whatever It Takes To Keep The Peace Even When Others Put You Down.
Have you found yourself agreeing with others even though you know they are incorrect? You are saying yes, no, and okay simply to keep the peace and agree with people who are ignorant and judgmental. Inside, you know that that is not the truth for you; however you have no need to be right all the time and you know if somebody puts you down that is not the truth. However, be aware of doing this because after a while, you may begin to believe the nasty things they say to keep you down. You start believing the lies that people tell you because these kinds of people are in lower evolution and want your energy. They want what you have at an unconscious level. They want your energy. They have no personal power of their own so they want yours. Their way to gain energy is to steal it from you by putting you down by saying nasty things; sometimes, they may even be violent. They drain you a little bit of your Light by doing that: parents, siblings, husbands, wives, girlfriends, whatever. You’ll attract people that will attempt to put you into a victim mode. Get away from these people. The darkness (The Maya) will use people to stop the Light. However, remember the only power that IS REAL IS The Light; all else is fear pretending to be the truth.

You Have A High Level Of Trust In Your Own Morality.
You have a high level of trust in your own morality and you do not judge others. That is their business and your life is yours. Your inner self cannot feel guilty about anything because you are free and live a good happy life. You don’t have to let someone else tell you what is moral or not because you are moral, but because you’re a free spirit. The challenge with people on the path, when they’re not sure yet of who they are, is that they’ll ask others for opinions even when they don’t need to ask others for opinions. They think it’s honoring someone to ask their opinion. And then the person they’ve asked will normally say the opposite of what you believe is the truth. Trust yourself.

You want to be free and do your own thing, and you think it’s polite to ask their opinions. I pray that you’ve all got out of that by now, but this is a reminder. And we don’t have to call them assholes or anything. Just don’t be with those people. You ask them perhaps to make them feel better about themselves. This is just putting your own spirit down. Don’t do that.

You Are Comfortable With Uncertainty.
Not only are you comfortable with uncertainty, but it also uplifts you. You trust in the Divine. You do not let uncertainty put you into stress or fear. You live in the moment. Sure, you set goals and may make plans; however, you know that the logical part of life is always uncertain, and you can be fluid when things change.

You don’t always need to have a set plan. You take action, but you absolutely throw yourself into the pool of life. I like what Ernest Holmes said. He would teach that you don’t go to the ocean with a little teaspoon and say, “Oh, I’ll take a little bit. Oh, thank you, God.” You’d dive into that ocean of life. You don’t always know what the next moment is going to bring, but you don’t judge, and you take action. You trust in yourself. You trust in your connection to the Eternal to guide you.

You Don’t Allow Others To Dictate And Control Your Life.
You don’t need someone else to force you into doing something you do not wish to do. If someone attempts to stop you from doing what you want to do or attempts to talk you out of something, you will be incredibly strong and ignore them no matter who they are. You know your spirit and you trust it above all others’ so-called opinions for your life. Eventually, these people who attempt to command your life and your decisions will drift away. They will look for others to control. When mystics do what other people want them to do to keep the peace, it doesn’t end with a good outcome at all. Why? Because they’re not following their spirit. You don’t have to rely on the physical, the Maya, like most people do. Your intuition and your perception are deeper. That’s why we’re attracted to this type of study, because we follow our own Light. We are quite strange sometimes to our families. They may love us; however, they never truly understand us.

So, if you can relate to the above, here is some loving advice if you are new to this path. Please don’t put up barriers with people. We don’t have to. If you feel you’ve got to put up a barrier, people feel it energetically. They feel that you’re putting up a barrier and that you don’t want to be with them, and that makes them more curious. They can feel the Light coming from you and they don’t like it, especially relatives. So, they will want to punch through that barrier. Mystics are best to conduct themselves as openly and as politely as possible. Always with humor and joy. We don’t get involved in any conversation that is too personal. We don’t tell people our personal stuff. You don’t say, “I hurt my finger the other day.” Who gives a crap? Others do not wish to hear your small talk, only their own very small talk that is meaningless. They’ll be immediately thinking about themselves and how they can talk about their own small lives.

Please don’t act mysteriously. This makes people want to get in. You don’t have to build up a barrier. You know that you are always protected. You are God-governed. You are 100% God-governed. Say to yourself, “I’m 100% God-governed.” Building up a barrier isn’t the same as re-patterning the mind. You build a certain house within your mind and people can’t get to you, but building up what you call a barrier is just the opposite. It actually is like a magnet for people. They’re like, “Oh, my goodness. I’ve got to get there. I don’t know why. I don’t really even like that person, but now I am just too damn curious.” The only reason you feel like putting up a barrier is because you’ve been hurt and you’re still suffering from that. You’ve just got to release that hurt.

I think it’s important for people to understand where they’re coming from. I’ve finished “The Magic Of Affirmation Power” book for you to learn how to protect your mind and how to repattern yourself. www.TheMagicOfAffirmationPower.com

I feel that we all have a responsibility to assist others in finding their way, but we can’t really tell someone what’s right or wrong. As I’ve always said, you’re grown-ups. You do what you want to do. Everything that we speak about are suggestions to help plant seeds of Enlightenment.

You understand that everything comes and goes. You are simply a wave in the ocean of the Eternal. You are humble, but you know that there is something huge within you. Even though you’re humble, it’s God within you. You understand that you are a conduit for God, for the Divine, but not the source of it. We’re a conduit. It’s like what Paramahansa Yogananda said. There was this teacher who came from India, and Yogananda said he was in early Enlightenment, but not fully awake, but something had happened to this man and Yogananda could see it. This man said to Yogananda, “I am God.” Yogananda laughed. This man got grumpy and said, “What are you doing laughing at me? I am God.” Yogananda said, “Look. I can see that you’ve got Light in you, but I don’t say I’m God. I’m Yogananda.”

We are simply conduits of the Light. Everything is a gift, borrowed and bestowed, but ultimately everything is temporary except for the Eternal. Love is our source—love, love, love, love, love, love, love. We know the power of love is everything. We just love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

Love isn’t something that originates in everyone. Not everybody has the capacity to love. They just don’t. Most people think they love, but that’s just romantic love, or it’s only when someone loves them back. They really don’t have the capacity to love. It’s something that flows through us to other people, and people feel it.

You are Immortal Consciousness. You are beautiful. You have all the power and love and strength and courage within you. You are connected, completely one with the Divine. The Divine Presence has gone before you to prepare the way. I give thanks that the Divine is bringing into your experience everything to assist your awakening and to assist your finances and health. Everything, because you are loved. So, loved. Always remember that.

I say to you, my spirit, this play of life and the gift to be able to feel without thinking matters when we are connecting to our Higher Divine Self. When we only have emotions that are clouded and distorted by past hurts or over the top emotions, we can no longer feel our Spirit.

Sometimes we cannot feel and know what our feelings really are. We wish to understand our lives and our true selves, but HOW?

Meditate, Pray, Live, Love, and know that all things are possible.

The I AM is with you.

In Love and Oneness,

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