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Divine Guidance Or Emotion/Ego

Divine Guidance or Emotion/Ego

Divine Guidance or Emotion/Ego
By Michele Blood

When we make a decision, how do we know if it is Divine Guidance or emotion from the ego? Tricky. Is it true intuition, and what is intuition? It’s listening. When we practice meditation, we get to be more in tune with God—with our Higher Self. When we listen in the silence, we can feel our own inner guidance. The Divine Presence within is omniscient wisdom. It’s the creator of everything and of everyone. So, of course, if we know it is Divine Guidance it will be 100% correct. We don’t have to think to ourself, “Self, am I making the correct decision?”

Those little bubbles of reactionary emotions that guide us incorrectly can be so confusing. When we feel a strong emotion about something, we can feel that it must be Divine Intuition. For example, someone may think they are in love because they feel so emotional, and if the other person does not love them back they can think, “I have so much love to give. Why do they not love me back? Do they not know what they are missing?” Yeah, they know. They are running away as fast as they can!

When we feel emotion and “we want, we want, we want,” that is not intuition. “Oh, I absolutely know that I have to go to Paris, and do blah, blah, blah, blah.” When there’s emotion involved, that’s not your inner guidance. Your inner guidance is so subtle. It is exquisite. You just know that you know.

So, the more you practice meditation, the more you have Light transmitted to you, and the more that you use your willpower to pull yourself up and make decisions that you know logically are for your highest good, then the clearer you become. “Do I exercise today or not?” What are all the benefits of exercise? There are so many benefits, so of course, you exercise today. “Oh, I’ll give myself today off.” If you give yourself too many days off from the things that are for your highest, Divine good, you end up lapsing. You go back energetically. It’s very challenging to lift yourself up again and to use your willpower.

Once you get into a spiritual momentum and you start taking action every day on the things that are for your highest, Divine good, then it’s okay to have a day off occasionally from something. But even if it’s just a little bit of stretching, it is great to do something for your body every single day. Of course, everyday commune with your Divine Presence. Let your Divine Presence know, “This is my time to be in the silence. To be with the love of my life, God.”

When you feel more and more Divine Oneness you will always be guided to make right decisions. You will know what to do, when to do it, and when not to do it. You will begin to resonate in a more positive frequency.

Communication is all about resonance. You are resonating; you are vibrating; you are oscillating at a certain frequency that can be heard. Until your Kundalini is awakened, maybe you can’t hear it, but at an unconscious level, everyone feels frequencies. Even the frequencies of the low and high Oms you can feel. You feel them when you are walking through nature. You will be like, “This feels good.” Maybe you get a wave of Shakti.

The frequency you are oscillating at is how you attract certain situations in your life. Situations you may love, situations you may hate. So, as you oscillate and vibrate at a faster frequency, you begin to attract, just like a magnet, people and experiences that are also oscillating at that frequency, or a similar frequency. Maybe a little faster, maybe a little slower, but in the same ballpark.

When you resonate at a faster frequency, you begin to attract into your experience the people and the things that are also at that frequency. Then your life becomes so fulfilled and happy. You find people that you love so much. You say you love the Divine Presence within them, but that is what the frequency is. It’s the Divine Presence. It’s so joy-filled and it’s so humbling that you get to meet people that are wonderful, loving, funny, and so giving. “Wow, I’m in heaven on earth.”

Then, if you are vibrating at a slightly slower frequency because you are not using your willpower, you are not strengthening your weaknesses, and you are not practicing your meditation, you think you are staying at the same place, but you are not. You are going backward. That’s why you see a lot of people that are older that are really grumpy and unhappy because they kept vibrating backward.

You never stay in one place. You are either moving forward or you are going backward. No one stays stagnant, even if you think you are. You may think you are staying stagnant because you are experiencing the same experiences over and over again that you don’t want, each with a different name, with a different hat, or in a different city… That means you are not stagnant, you are going backward.

I want this to wake you up to the fact that you don’t have forever. In the timelessness, this life is the blink of an eye, and it’s over. So, every moment on this path, don’t take it all so seriously, just take action to improve your life. Do the things that you don’t want to do sometimes, and then you’ll find that when you do them you actually begin to enjoy them. You love washing up immediately. You love exercising. You have to use your willpower to take action.

Most people on the planet don’t realize that through their vibration, through their frequency, they are creating and attracting into their experience the things that they don’t want. Then they blame it on their upbringing or their culture, they start blaming it on everything. They don’t understand that it’s because of past lives. We don’t need to get so esoteric about this. It’s very simple. K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple and Spiritual. If you wish to commune with people and have harmony in your relationships, you can’t blame other people and say, “Oh, I’ve got to get rid of them because they are negative.” How would you know that they are negative unless it’s within you?

The things that are released from our lives are released from our consciousness and being. There may be times where you truly don’t understand why someone is mad or angry because it’s not in you. The thing that is in them isn’t in you. But if you get upset, reactionary, and judgmental, if people are not nice to you, it’s because it’s within you. It doesn’t mean that things won’t still happen and that you won’t have people around you that might be a little irritating. If you see things that are happening and you are reactionary, it’s within you, and it must be released. That is one of your weaknesses to be released.

Allow the Light to release them, to dissolve them. This is what being mindful is. Become aware of your emotions, your judgments, and your reactions. It’s becoming aware, “Oh, that’s me. It’s not the other people. I can’t blame them. I’m responsible. I can’t judge anything anyone else does. I can’t tell anybody else what to do or not to do.” Anytime you are being judgmental, it’s within you. What is it that annoys you?

If things are happening in the world, like with what’s happening in Australia, with the terrible fires, we are not to become reactionary. We wish to feel compassion and take action to do something. Give to the Australian Red Cross. Help the people who ARE doing something to give release from suffering on this planet. Visualize positive outcomes for anyone who is suffering. Be grateful for life. Be grateful to our loved ones. And always be grateful to The Divine Presence.

In Love and Oneness,

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