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How to Tap into Our Intuition

How to Tap into Our Intuition by Michele Blood Intuition is part of consciousness; however, it is not pure consciousness. Developing our intuition is vitally important if we wish to be free and KNOW that we KNOW. Logic has nothing…

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Divine Guidance or Emotion/Ego

Divine Guidance or Emotion/Ego By Michele Blood When we make a decision, how do we know if it is Divine Guidance or emotion from the ego? Tricky. Is it true intuition, and what is intuition? It's listening. When we practice…

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Are You A Mystic?

Are You a Mystic? By Michele Blood  You may ask, “Why do I care if I am a mystic or not? I am in my 60’s, or I am so young, why would I need to think of such deep…

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The Power Of Affirmations

The Power Of Affirmations By Michele Blood Please NEVER underestimate the power of the spoken word. This may sound familiar. "In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God. The WORD was God. And all things were…

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Join Me on the Journey to Enightenment

Journey to Enlightenment...
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The Magic of Affirmation Power